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The busy pace of life keeps most of us stressed out and off balance – moving us at breakneck speed from one activity to another, and pushing us through an endless schedule of outside obligations. This frantic pace takes a toll on our bodies, minds, and spirits, making us weary and in need of rest. Do you think that your life is simply too busy to allow you to take time off? Do you feel like your obligations make it impossible to leave home and go on a retreat? Consider RRR!


So Why RRR?

"I just can't get away" isn't an excuse for not going to RRR.  That is really the whole point of the weekend. Relax Release Renew Inc™ is a unique organization that provides guided retreats for busy women who need to unwind, decompress and reconnect with the deeper rhythms of life.  At The RRR retreat, each woman has decided to begin her journey to rest and rejuvenation. This is your chance to relax, have fun, and tune out the world.

This retreat is so much more than a weekend vacation or a day at the spa. It is a transformative experience designed to uplift the mind, spirit, and body. It’s what happens on the inside that really sets the RRR experience apart.


Start with the firm conviction that taking quality time for ourselves is good both for ourselves and for those around us. Caregivers of all kinds – especially parents of young children – tend to have a Superman/Wonder Woman idea of themselves. We forget that in order to truly serve the needs of those who depend on us, we must first start by taking excellent care of ourselves. We're not doing anyone any favors by allowing ourselves to become burned-out, emotionally drained, and physically exhausted.  Anyone of any age can benefit from this practice.

Come on, join us! Come nurture yourself from head to toe. Recapture new aliveness and take home abundant inspiration to support you in making positive changes.  You will leave looking and feeling absolutely radiant, rejuvenated and glowing inside and out!

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