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Being busy and multi-tasking as wife, daughter, caretaker, etc. 24/7 is not a recipe for high self-esteem, but rather a cauldron for developing a guilty conscience and poor health.


That was my premise for creating Relax Release Renew, my 21-year ministry for women.  I wanted to  I create experiences with a spiritual and mental health focus, encouraging multi-taking women to not feel guilty for taking care of themselves first, before pouring into others.


 Through a combination of one night and rotating beachfront retreats around the United States, I combine coaching, stress management and faith-based skills to encourage a balanced life approach.   My desire is for women to leave with a deeper connection with God and renewed spirit and energy for life. I am so blessed that in all the work I do, I am living my calling. 


  If you would like me to create an RRR retreat for you and your circle of friends, please complete the request for information on the RRR Network page.

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