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The evenings’ relaxation begins by creating a casual, comfortable social environment through icebreaker games that encourage casual introductions, creativity and gentle competition for prizes.  During this time, Carol Thomas, LMT, provides affordable table massage therapy that facilitate physical release of tensions and promote mental clarity in preparation for the release session of the evening.

After breaking for potluck dinner, we lower the lights and create a calm, relaxing atmosphere while we personally connect with each other. The ladies are instructed to be active listeners in order to pray specifically for the needs of their fellow sisters. As each lady is impressed to speak, she lights her candle and shares her thoughts, prayer request or testimony. This totally voluntary session is very intimate and emotionally empowering because they are allowing themselves to be open, often times verbalizing a long avoided concern about a personal issue. As a result, they gain support from the sister circle in a judgement free zone.  This session concludes with a prayer circle. 

The renew session is capped with a toast to a renewed spirit and resolve to overcome issues that are toxic to total balanced living.  We intentionally accept the invitation to take care of our emotional, spiritual, physical and social selves, accepting that it is not a selfish endeavor, but a necessary component of balanced living.  Candles are extinguished symbolic of releasing the unhealthy ties the bounded us.   




Finally, the evening ends with every guest receiving a bag of treats to encourage them to practice the principles experienced during the evening throughout the coming year. 

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